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Deborah: A Wife, Uncompromising, Leader, and Mediator

Updated: May 7, 2021

Deborah leaned on intimacy with God to make incredible change, drive impact, and bring the glory of God!

Deborah's life was chronicled in Judges. What we learn from the story of Deborah in Judges is:

  • Uncompromising in our zeal for the Lord

  • She was a Prophet - Declares/discerns the commandments of God (vs 4, 6-7,14)

  • Wife - Married (vs 4)

  • Leader - Led Israel in executing God’s commands (vs 5-7)

  • Mediator - Settled disputes in Israel (vs 5)

  • Warrior - Went to war with Barak (vs 9-10)

  • Encourager - Encouraged Barak to go forth and reminded Him about God’s victory (vs 14)

Deborah as a Model: Stand by our husbands, utilize our gifts (in prophesy, in leading, in intercession, as a mediator, as spiritual warriors, as mentors, in teaching, in training, in nurturing, in strengthening of faith and encouraging) and ultimately bring glory to God!

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